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    Fall/Winter 2017-2018 New Releases

    Ellen Shipley - Breaking Through The Ice Age

    Karen Lawrence & The Pinz - Girl's Night Out

    Point Blank - Very Best

    Susan - Falling In Love Again

    Pierce Arrow - Pierce Arrow

    Rockets - Twelve Best

    Ronnie Taylor - Lovely Life

    David James Holster - Chinese Honeymoon

    Carolyne Mas - Carolyne Mas

    Ali Thomson - Take A Little Rhythm

    Drama - Scene From A Distance

    Holly Penfield - Full Grown Child

    Lake - So What?

    Mozart - Mozart

    The States - The States

    Stranger - Stranger

    Leslie Pearl - Words & Music

    Private Eye - Private Eye

    Ian Lloyd - 3WC

    Ellen Shipley - Call of The Wild

    Novo Combo - Novo Combo / Animation Generation (CD)

    Gambler - Teenage Magic / Love And Other Crimes (CD)

    Planet P Project - Planet P Project (remastered CD)

    Planet P Project - Pink World (remastered CD)

    The Rockets - Rockets/No Ballads (remastered CD)