Collection: 707

The Ultimate Collection of Hard Rock Nostalgia

Experience the Legends of 707's Iconic Discography:

The First Album and Beyond:

Raw and energetic debut capturing the essence of 70s hard rock. Iconic tracks that set the stage for 707's electrifying journey.

The Second Album:

A seamless progression showcasing the band's growth and musical prowess. Hard-hitting tracks that resonate with the soul of rock enthusiasts.

The Bridge:

An album that bridges the classic 70s rock sound with an evolved musical vision. Tracks that transcend eras, taking listeners on an unforgettable musical journey.


A powerhouse album packed with anthemic tunes and captivating rhythms. Unleashes the raw energy and charisma that defined 707's signature style.


A curated collection encompassing the best of 707's musical legacy. Remastered classics and hidden gems for a complete nostalgic experience.

Alive In America:

Captures the band's live brilliance, offering an immersive concert-like experience. Unforgettable renditions of fan favorites, bringing the stadium vibe home.

For Fans of 707 and 70s Hard Rock:

Indulge in the electrifying world of 707's hard-hitting, soul-stirring music. Perfect for die-hard enthusiasts of 70s hard rock, this collection encapsulates the essence of an era known for its raw energy and musical innovation. Whether reliving the nostalgia of legendary tracks or discovering the band's evolution through each album, immerse yourself in a sonic adventure that resonates with the soul of authentic rock aficionados. Plug in your speakers, turn up the volume, and let 707 transport you back to the golden age of rock 'n' roll.

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