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Originating from London, England, as an AOR/hard rock band, Charlie initially formed in 1971 under the name Charlie Cuckoo. The group, briefly known as "Charlie Cuckoo" inspired by a racehorse, eventually adopted the simpler name "Charlie." The founding members included Terry Thomas on lead vocals and guitar, John Anderson handling backing vocals and bass, Steve Gadd (distinct from the American session drummer of the same name) on drums, and Martin Smith contributing backing vocals and guitar.

Their debut into the recording scene occurred in 1973 with the release of "I Need Your Love," a single that didn't secure a spot on the charts. Despite having a contract for four singles with Decca, they only recorded one more track, "Knocking Down Your Door," which remained unreleased.

The band faced their first split in 1986, reuniting in 2009 before eventually parting ways again in 2015.


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