Treiyer - Scars (Journey Through A Lifetime) [CD]

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This album features "Scars (Journey Through A Lifetime)" by Treiyer, a progressive-rock band led by renowned Argentinean session guitarist Gabe Treiyer. It marks their long-awaited debut as a group and boasts legendary guests like Steve Hackett of Genesis, Jakko Jakszyk of King Crimson, Steve Rothery of Marillion, and more. "Scars (Journey Through A Lifetime)" offers a glimpse into Gabe's life journey, encompassing his experiences, regrets, and vision, all converging at a pivotal moment. It's a must-listen for fans of edge-driven prog.

Track Listing:

  1. Life's Fanfare
  2. In The Beginning
  3. Games
  4. Wake Up
  5. Enter The Black Hole (feat. Jakko Jakszyk)
  6. Serious
  7. Scars Pt. 1 (feat. Steve Hackett)
  8. The End
  9. Scars Pt. 2 (feat. Steve Rothery)
  10. Back To The Light