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Emerging in the mid-1970s

City Boy, an influential English rock band, emerged under various names before settling on their definitive title. Comprising Lol Mason, Steve Broughton, Max Thomas, and Chris Dunn, their journey began in Birmingham playing folk music. Transitioning to professional musicians by late 1975, a recording deal from Phonogram Records under the condition of a band name change led to the inclusion of Roger Kent and Mike Slamer.

Initial albums like "City Boy" (1975) and "Dinner At The Ritz" (1976) received mixed audience responses despite positive critical reviews. However, the pivotal breakthrough arrived in 1978 with "5-7-0-5," catapulting them to public acclaim alongside the album "Book Early," reaching UK Singles and Albums Chart heights.

Continuing their triumph, the 1979 release "The Day The Earth Caught Fire" and its title track proved successful. Post this, Steve Broughton's departure occurred, yet the band delivered another hit album, "Heads Are Rolling" (1980). Despite critical acclaim, the expiration of their recording contract after this album's release led to dwindling attention for their subsequent record, "It's Personal" (1981).

Predominantly associated with Vertigo Records, PolyGram, and Polydor, City Boy faced contract struggles, ultimately disbanding in 1982. Lol Mason ventured into forming The Maisonettes in the same year.

City Boy's legacy rests in their innovative sound blending melodies, lyrics, vocal intricacies, and guitar-driven tunes, carving a distinct niche in the annals of English rock history. This collection immortalizes their musical evolution, from humble folk beginnings to chart-topping successes and enduring critical acclaim.

City Boy

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