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Claire Hamill, born in 1954 near Middlesbrough, England, grew up immersed in a family steeped in Irish Catholic musical traditions. Despite her grandmother's heritage as a recognized singer in Ireland, Claire pursued her own path in music after securing a contract with Island Records in 1971, leaving behind plans for drama school. Her journey saw her releasing albums, touring extensively, and collaborating with iconic figures like Ray Davies from the Kinks.

However, chart success eluded her, allowing Claire to explore diverse musical territories. Collaborations with Wishbone Ash and a transition into electro-pop with Andrew Warren followed. Although her pure vocals didn't align with prevailing music trends, she continued to create, releasing albums that found acclaim but remained on the fringes.

Her career received an unexpected resurgence when Eva Cassidy covered one of her songs in 2004. Claire capitalized on this, releasing new material and compilations, acknowledging the challenges of existing on the periphery of the music industry.

Her journey, marked by experimentation and resilience, resonates through songs woven from life's tapestry, reflecting triumphs, hardships, and an unwavering creative spirit.*


Claire Hamill

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