Spider - Spider / Between The Lines [CD]

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This album features Spider, an American rock band from New York City active from 1977 to 1984. They released two studio albums through Dreamland Records in the early 1980s and achieved moderate success with hit singles like "Change" and "Better Be Good to Me" from their 1981 album "Between the Lines," which were later covered by John Waite and Tina Turner, respectively. After Spider disbanded, Anton Fig, along with founding members Jimmy Lowell (bass) and Keith Lentin (guitars), formed Shang-hai, replacing Knight with Beau Hill.

Track Listing:

  1. New Romance (It's A Mystery)
  2. Burning Love
  3. Shady Lady
  4. Everything Is Alright
  5. Crossfire
  6. Little Darlin'
  7. Brotherly Love
  8. What's Going On
  9. Don't Waste Your Time
  10. Zero
  11. Change
  12. I Think I Like It
  13. Between The Lines
  14. It Didn't Take Long
  15. Going By
  16. Better Be Good To Me
  17. Can't Live This Way Anymore
  18. Faces Are Changing
  19. Go And Run
  20. I Love