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One Vision...One Voice


After The illusion, Mike Ricciardella joined Barnaby Bye with Peppy Castro of The Blues Magoos, & The Alessi Brothers. Later Mike Ricciardella, Mike Maniscalco, Rich Cerniglia, Peppy Castro & Dennis Santiago Formed Wiggy Bits which recorded one album. After Wiggy Bits, Network was formed by drummer Mike Ricciardella. Network's original line-up was: John Vinci (lead vocals), Rich Cerniglia (lead guitar), Mike Ricciardella (drums), Howie Blume (bass), Mike Maniscalco (keyboards), George Bitzer (keyboards, & synthesizers), & Butch Poveromo (percussion). The record label wanted the members to change their names because they thought that their names were too Italian, so Rich Cerniglia shortened his name to Richie C., Howie Blume changed his name to Howard Davidson, Butch changed his name to Jean Paul Gaspar, & Mike Maniscalco changed his name to Mike Coxton.      The band's line-up was later changed... John Vinci was replaced by B.G. Gibson & the band's secomd album "Nightwork" was released.


Network / Nightwork

  1. You Lied
  2. So Far Gone
  3. Save Me, Save Me
  4. Holly
  5. Without You
  6. Go Find Another Lover
  7. Don't Leave Me Alone Tonight
  8. Fly Away
  9. Backseat Driver
  10. We're Only Into Rock And Roll
  11. Halfway To Paradise
  12. I Already Played It
  13. Beautiful Lady
  14. Stargazer
  15. Don't Do Nothing Crazy
  16. Sundown
  17. So So Good
  18. Better Man Than Me