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One Vision...One Voice



Rising again from the ashes of ARGENT...
John Verity and Bob Henrit have decided the time is right to do it again!
John Verity, Bob Henrit and Jim Rodford formed PHOENIX from the ashes of 70's super group ARGENT in 1976, The band recorded 3 albums.
The first was a powerful, straight ahead rock release for CBS records in 1976, and though premature, it was to inspire a new wave of British Rock later that decade via a bootleg live album recorded during the bands tour of Europe that year.
A second album recorded initially for CBS but continued under the guidance of Rocket Records remains unreleased, though a couple of singles - including a version of 'Time of the Season' were released on Rocket.
'In Full View' was the 3rd and final PHOENIX album of the time, recorded for Charisma Records without Jim Rodford who had left to join the KINKS. At this time the band also recorded a number of Russ Ballard songs, including the original version of 'I Surrender' - deemed by Charisma to be 'uncommercial!!' and which was subsequently a hit for Rainbow. The Phoenix and Rainbow versions were identical - presumably both uncommercial...
PHOENIX then morphed into the band CHARLIE for one album - 'Good Morning America' before Bob joined Jim Rodford in the KINKS and JV immersed himself into record production, and the beginnings of a solo album 'Interrupted Journey' - complete with Henrit drums...
JV continued successfully with the record production and solo recording whilst Bob toured the world with the KINKS. Never far apart, the pair were soon working together again playing powerful blues / rock in the John Verity Band - until the demand for a new PHOENIX became just too strong!!


Phoenix / In Full View

  1. Easy
  2. Drowning In Tears
  3. From The Ashes
  4. Winnebago
  5. Try A Little Rock 'N' Roll
  6. A Woman Like You
  7. Mississippi Neckbone
  8. I'll Be Back For More
  9. Honey
  10. I'll Be Gone
  11. Just Another Day
  12. Fooling Myself
  13. Into Your Blood
  14. Don't Fool Me
  15. I Don't Mind
  16. Strong Love
  17. I'm In Love
  18. Angel