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Doctor Fish - The Last Troubadour [CD]

Doctor Fish - The Last Troubadour [CD]

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Doctor Fish’s debut release, the Last Troubadour reveals him to be a proud musical throwback—a guitar-wielding, storytelling, folk-rock singer-songwriter.

No fake, retro act, he is one of the last surviving purveyors of a style of music made famous by Jim Croce, Harry Chapin, and Cat Stevens.

 2023 has been an exciting year, especially the last part with finishing up The Last Troubadour album and getting ready to release “Harry Chapin (Every Monday Night)” as its lead-off single. The 1970s were the golden age of folk-rock singer-songwriters like Chapin as well as Jim Croce, Cat Stevens, Paul Simon, James Taylor, and Gordon Lightfoot. Doctor Fish is a little younger than those great troubadours but from the same era. Their music is his native language.


1. Arizona Skies

2. Tuesday Morning

3. Morning

4. Sexual Creature

5. Anastasia

6. A Man And A Woman

7. I’m Not Done Yet

8. Hang The Moon

9. Harry Chapin

10. And So This Is Love

11. Last Troubador

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