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This album features Esquire, offering a buoyant take on progressive rock with Chris Squire's wife on vocals. The band's sound resembles Renaissance, enriched by keyboardist Charles Olins' fluent playing and guitarist Pat Thrall's compelling string work. With Alan White on drums and Chris Squire on backup vocals, plus Trevor Horn handling mixing, the album resonates with Yes's influence. Despite similarities, tracks like "Hourglass" and "Blossomtime" exude Esquire's own prog flair, setting them apart.

Track Listing:

  1. To The Rescue
  2. Sunshine (alternate mix)
  3. Knock Twice For Heaven
  4. Up Down Turnaround
  5. Blossomtime
  6. Hourglass
  7. Moving Together
  8. Silent Future
  9. Special Greetings
  10. What You’ve Been Saying
  11. Sunshine (original mix)