Kayak Bundle

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This bundle features a diverse selection of music from Dutch progressive rock band Kayak, including three CDs and one LP, along with an exclusive bumper sticker.

The bundle includes the following albums:

  1. "Anywhere But Here" - Kayak's 15th studio album, featuring tracks like "November Morning," "Anywhere But Here," and "In The World."
  2. "Close to the Fire" - Kayak's 9th studio album, released in 2000, marking their comeback after a hiatus since 1982.
  3. "Coming Up For Air" - Kayak's 13th studio album, released in 2008, featuring the single "Undecided."

The single LP features the 1979 remastered album "Phantom Of The Night" by Kayak, pressed onto 180-gram vinyl. It includes hits like "Keep The Change," "Ruthless Queen," and "Winning Ways." This Limited Edition pressing also includes restored liner notes, photos, a lyric sheet, and trading cards of the classic band.