Pure Prairie League - Alive In America 1974 [CD]

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This album features the 1974 lineup of Pure Prairie League, including Michael Reilly on bass, Billy Hinds on drums, George Ed Powell on guitars, Michael Connor on keyboards, John David Call on steel guitar, banjo, and dobro, and Larry Goshorn on guitar and vocals. Their first self-titled album is recognized as a significant influence in the rise of Country Rock music, while their second album, "Bustin' Out," achieved multi-platinum status with the hit song "Amie." "Alive In America" is a live concert album produced by Renaissance Records, showcasing performances from Pure Prairie League's 1974 concerts.

Track Listing:

1. Amie 

2. I've Just Seen A Face

3. Brand New Tennessee Waltz 

4. In And Out Of Town 

5. Harmont Song

6. Same Ol' Country Song

7. Early Morning Riser/ Jazzman

8. Fool For You 

9.I'll Fix Your Flat Tire Merle 

10. It's Not Love, But It's Not Bad

11. Tears 

12. Sugar Baby 

13. It's All On Me 

14. Bring It With You 

15. Leave My Heart Alone 

16. Lose My Blues 

17. You're Between Me 

Sound Quality Disclaimer:  

Please be aware that the sound quality of this vinyl recording may vary due to the nature of live performances. While efforts have been made to capture the essence of the original show, certain imperfections or variations may be present. These aspects contribute to the unique and authentic character of live recordings and are intentional to maintain the raw energy of the performance.