Classic Rock Legends Bundle - Dave Edmunds, Jefferson Airplane, & Planet P

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Introducing the Classic Rock Legends Bundle - a treasure bundle for fans of the classic rock genre! 

This collection showcases 3 sensational albums from Dave Edmunds, Jefferson Airplane, and Planet P, encapsulating the essence of classic rock.

This bundle includes: 

1. Dave Edmunds - Live At The Capitol Theater May 15th, 1982 (2LP) 

This album features the magic of Dave Edmunds' iconic live performance at the Capitol Theater on May 15, 1982. This limited edition double LP captures the energy and passion of that unforgettable night. Immerse yourself in the timeless sounds of Dave Edmunds and experience the magic of this legendary concert.

2. Planet P - Planet P (LP) 

This album features Tony Carey aka Planet P's iconic self-titled album. Digitally remastered 1983 release on colored vinyl. Featuring the hits "Why Me?", "Power Tools" and "Static." 

3. Jefferson Airplane -  Alive In America 1967-1969 (2LP)

This album features Jefferson Airplane, an influential American rock band from the 1960s. Known for defining psychedelic rock and the San Francisco Sound, their timeless hits include "Somebody to Love" and "White Rabbit." Grace Slick's impactful debut marked a transformative era in the Summer of Love. Inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1996, the classic lineup, active from October 1966 to February 1970, solidified Jefferson Airplane's lasting influence on the music landscape.