Resurrecting Legends on CDs and Vinyl LPs since 1993.

Arizona based record label specializing in the re-release of classic rock, progressive jazz, fusion, and indie music.

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Curated Selection

We thrive on offering a carefully curated selection of music. This involves not only stocking popular records but also discovering and promoting something beyond mainstream offerings.

Community Engagement

We have created a space where music lovers can gather, share their passion, and connect with like-minded individual.

Artist Development and Support

Investing in artist development not only helps the label grow but also fosters long-term relationships with musicians, contributing to a strong roster of talent.

Vinyl Culture Advocacy

We value the tangible experience of music, from the warmth of analog sound to the artwork and packaging of vinyl records.


Explore the Evolution of Renaissance Records!

  • Phoenix New Times

    "Many people in P-town are transplants who’ve made the trek from elsewhere to try and build a better life here in the Valley of the Sun. Some people, like John W. Edwards, bring their booming indie businesses with them."

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  • Voyage Phoenix

    "In 1993, former Aerospace Engineer, John W. Edwards had the idea to form a new recording label which would focus on the reissue of classic rock and classic country LPs on CD for the first time, thus Renaissance Records was born."

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    "Classic rock record label Renaissance Records just signed a lucensing deal with BMG to reissue legendary Britiosh rock bands Girldschool and Magnum onto vinyl..."

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