707 - Alive In America [CD]

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This album features 707, an American rock band known for hits like “I Could Be Good For You.” Comprised of Phil Bryant, Jim McClarty, Duke McFadden, and Kevin Russell, they gained attention with their debut album under Casablanca Records. Their track "I Could Be Good for You" peaked at No. 52 on the Billboard Hot 100. Despite McFadden's departure, their impact continued, with the song even making its way into the film Grown Ups. Recorded in 1979 at the Starwood Theater in West Hollywood, California, this album captures 707's energetic live performance.

Track listing: 

1. I'm Tired

2. Need to Reach You

3. Thinking It Over

4. Nighttime in the City

5. Hey There Lady of Mine

6. Lifetime Lover

7. 707

8. Save Me

9. Waste of Time

10. You Who Needs to Know

11. Whole Lot Better

12. Isabel

13. One Way Highway

14. I Could Be Good for You

Sound Quality Disclaimer:  

Please be aware that the sound quality of this vinyl recording may vary due to the nature of live performances. While efforts have been made to capture the essence of the original show, certain imperfections or variations may be present. These aspects contribute to the unique and authentic character of live recordings and are intentional to maintain the raw energy of the performance.