Charlie - Lines [LP] Black

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This album features the digitally remastered 1977 release of Charlie-Lines on vinyl, highlighting the hit "She Loves To Be In Love." Immerse yourself in the timeless sound of this classic album, enhanced with restored liner notes, photos, and a lyric sheet that celebrate the essence of the band.

Pressed on a single 180-gram black vinyl!

Track listing:

Side One

1. She Loves To Be In Love (4:25)
2. No More Heartache (3:44)
3. Life So Cruel (4:37)
4. Watching T.V. (3:30)
5. Out Of Control (4:36)

Side Two

6. L.A. Dreamer (4:59)
7. No Strangers In Paradise (4:40)
8. Keep Me In Mind (5:34)
9. I Like To Rock And Roll (6:21)