CMON CMON - The Crack And The Light [CD]

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This album features "The Crack and The Light," which reflects the nature of the songs, all of which are true stories with dark and twisted themes, yet interconnected by hope. The band, CMON CMON, comprises singer, guitarist, and main songwriter Jorrit Hermans, bassist Steven Omblets, and drummer Michel Becx, who formed their first band as college students two decades ago. After pursuing separate careers, they reunited under a new name, CMON CMON, as a call-to-arms to pursue their dreams and be daring. Their chemistry was immediately reignited as they began working on Jorrit's new songs.

Track Listing: 

1. Say What It Means 

2. My Heroes 

3. The Summers We Missed 

4. Black Holes 

5. Sundays 

6. Way Down

7. Waiting 

8. Nothing On The Radio 

9. Can You Take It?

10. I Don't Know 

11. New Orleans