Device - 22B3 [CD]

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This album features Device, a pop-rock trio consisting of Holly Knight (keyboardist, bassist, vocalist), Paul Engemann (vocalist), and Gene Black (guitarist). Their 1986 album "22B3" included the Top 40 single "Hanging on a Heart Attack," reaching #35 on the Hot 100, and the second single "Who Says," which peaked at #79. The album, produced by Mike Chapman, reached #73 on the Billboard Top 200 Albums chart. Holly Knight, known for her songwriting, had previous success with the band Spider and wrote hits for artists like Pat Benatar and Tina Turner, including Turner's rendition of "Better Be Good To Me."

Track Listing:

  1. Hanging On A Heart Attack
  2. Who Says
  3. Pieces On The Ground
  4. Tough And Tender
  5. When Love Is Good
  6. Didn’t I Read You Right
  7. Fall Apart, Golden Heart
  8. I’ve Got No Room For Your Love
  9. Who’s On The Line
  10. Sand, Stone, Cobwebs and Dust