Dirty Dollhouse - Vinyl Child / Queen Coyote [CD]

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This album features Dirty Dollhouse, led by Philadelphia-based artist Chelsea Mitchell. Mitchell's music blends folk, retro-pop, and country influences, showcased in her EP "Married in the Aviary" and full-length album "Vinyl Child." With comparisons to artists like Nicole Atkins and Kacey Musgraves, Mitchell's eclectic sound defies easy categorization. Backed by a talented band, Dirty Dollhouse delivers captivating performances, opening for acclaimed artists like Nikki Lane and Amanda Shires.
Track Listing:
  1. The Last Time 
  2. Let It Slide 
  3. Moonshine 
  4. Nobody’sCryin’ 
  5. You Don’t Even Know Me 
  6. Somebody’s Baby 
  7. Out Of My Head 
  8. Half Moon 
  9. Again, I Need Your Lovin’ 
  10. Lucky 
  11. Dreams & Dreams Of You 
  12. Sidecar 
  13. Love You Anymore 
  14. Underdog 
  15. Honey, They’re Onto Us 
  16. HollywoodLovesong 
  17. Keep It Together