Dixon House Band - Fighting Alone [CD]

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This album features the Dixon House Band, a prog-rock/pop group from Seattle, Washington, active in the late 1970s. Led by founder Dixon House on keyboards and lead vocals, the band's sound combined the vocal style of Styx with the musical complexity of Kansas. Their 1979 album "Fighting Alone" on Infinity Records featured the minor chart hit "Sooner Or Later" and showcased their blend of melodic hooks and heavy guitars, reminiscent of their Seattle counterparts Heart.

Track Listing:

  1. Sooner Or Later
  2. Crusader
  3. Turn Around
  4. Angela
  5. Who's Gonna Love You Tonight?
  6. Fighting
  7. Feelin' No Pain
  8. Runnin' Scared
  9. Saracen Ride
  10. The Promise
  11. Fighting Alone