Easy Street - Easy Street/ Under The Glass [CD]

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This album features Nicol and Marsh's Easy Street, released in 1974 by the duo Ken Nicol and Peter Marsh on U.K. Epic. The album showcased their mastery of roots rock, ragtime, and ballads, featuring the single "Midnight Cat." After being joined by Richard Burgess, the trio renamed themselves after the LP. Their subsequent albums continued to display their versatility, blending skiffle, ragtime, Southern boogie, and symphonic pop. Despite their excellence, the band received little attention from the music media, making their chart success with "I've Been Lovin' You" in the Cash Box Top 100 in the late Summer of 1976 a noteworthy achievement.

Track Listing:

  1. Feels Like Heaven 
  2. Lazy Dog Shandy 
  3. Things I’ve Done Before 
  4. Illogical Love 
  5. Shadows On The Wall 
  6. I’ve Been Lovin’ You 
  7. Blame The Love 
  8. Part Of Me 
  9. Easy Street 
  10. Wait For Summer 
  11. What Have We Become 
  12. Flying 
  13. How Can You Take It So Hard 
  14. Rely On You 
  15. What Does The World Know 
  16. Is This Real 
  17. Look For The Sun 
  18. Only A Fool 
  19. Strange Change 
  20. I See You 
  21. Night Of The 11th