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This album features a digitally remastered 1987 vinyl release, showcasing tracks such as "To The Rescue," "Blossomtime," "Sunshine," and "Moving Together." Produced by Esquire and Chris Squire, the package includes captivating elements like lost photos, meticulously restored liner notes, and a lyric sheet. This comprehensive offering delivers enhanced sound quality and a visually nostalgic experience for both music enthusiasts and collectors.

Pressed on a single 180-gram black vinyl!

Track listing:

Side One

1. To The Rescue (3:58)
2. Sunshine (3:18)
3. Knock Twice For Heaven (3:36)
4. Up Down Turnaround (5:26)
5. Blossomtime (6:43)

Side Two

6. Hourglass (4:31)
7. Moving Together (3:25)
8. Silent Future (4:48)
9. Special Greetings (4:42)
10. What You’ve Been Saying (4:58)