Flamin' Groovies - One Night Stand (Deluxe Edition) [CD]

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This album features the Flamin' Groovies, an iconic American rock band formed in San Francisco in 1965, initially co-led by Roy Loney and Cyril Jordan. Following the release of three albums, including "Supersnazz" on Epic and "Flamingo" and "Teenage Head" on Kama Sutra, Loney departed in 1971. Chris Wilson then stepped in as co-leader, marking a shift towards British Invasion power pop in the band's sound.

Track Listing:

  1. Kicks
  2. Bittersweet
  3. I Can't Hide
  4. Money
  5. Call Me Lightning
  6. Shake Some Action
  7. Slow Death
  8. Slow Down
  9. Teenage Head
  10. Tallahassee Lassie
  11. A Million Miles Away (Live)
  12. Way Over My Head
  13. Somebody's Fool (Live)
  14. You Tore Me Down
  15. Shakin'

Sound Quality Disclaimer:  

Please be aware that the sound quality of this vinyl recording may vary due to the nature of live performances. While efforts have been made to capture the essence of the original show, certain imperfections or variations may be present. These aspects contribute to the unique and authentic character of live recordings and are intentional to maintain the raw energy of the performance.