Herbie Hancock - Jammin' With Herbie [CD]

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This album features Herbie Hancock, a jazz pioneer known for his groundbreaking contributions to post-bop, fusion, funk, and electronic music. Hancock's career began with Donald Byrd's group before he joined Miles Davis's Quintet, redefining jazz rhythm and contributing to the post-bop movement. His experimentation with jazz fusion and funk in the 1970s led to his iconic album "Head Hunters." Hancock's diverse discography includes acclaimed albums like "My Point of View," "Speak Like a Child," and "The Prisoner," showcasing his versatility with larger ensembles. He also composed film soundtracks, including Michelangelo Antonioni's "Blowup," and wrote musical themes for television commercials. This compilation album features tracks from Hancock's influential 1960s recordings, highlighting his innovative and eclectic style.

Track Listing:

1. Maulana 9:38
2. Mr. Lucky (Rock Your Soul) 6:37
3. Kamili 5:42
4. Dunia 8:22
5. Hot Piano 7:22
6. Live & Awake 3:53
7. Jammin’ With Herbie 6:35
8. Cat Call 9:43
9. Daydream (Soul Power) 4:53
10. Herbie’s Blues 5:55
11. Hot And Heavy 3:02
12. Far Out 2:32
13. Scoochie 5:12