Jigsaw - Anthology [CD]

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This album features Jigsaw, a British pop-rock band known for their hits "Sky High" and "Love Fire." The 24-track anthology includes their most accessible tunes, showcasing a blend of rock and disco from the mid-1970s. Remastered from the original recordings, it offers a glimpse into the unique fusion of genres during that era.

Track Listing:

  1. Sky High
  2. Love Fire
  3. Brand New Love Affair
  4. If I Have To Go Away
  5. Fly Away
  6. Mention My Name
  7. Who Do You Think You Are
  8. Baby Don't Do It
  9. Tell Me Why
  10. You're Not The Only Girl
  11. Lonely Lonely Love
  12. I (Don't Wanna)
  13. Only Love
  14. Count Me In
  15. High and Dry
  16. Spellbound
  17. Only When I'm Lonely 
  18. Cry ('Til The Tears Run Dry)
  19. I've Seen The Film, I've Read The Book
  20. Fool To Fool
  21. Love Isn't At Home
  22. Letter To Myself
  23. You Are
  24. You're My Magic