Lindisfarne - The News [LP] Black

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This album features a pivotal moment for Lindisfarne, released after their successful 'Back And Fourth' album and serving as their final record with Mercury Records. Titled 'The News,' it subtly captures the turbulence within the band and the world during its recording, offering a prescient glimpse into future challenges. Established in 1968 in Newcastle upon Tyne, Lindisfarne, with their original lineup of Alan Hull, Ray Jackson, Simon Cowe, Rod Clements, and Ray Laidlaw, is renowned for their unforgettable songs and captivating live performances. Despite the evolving times, their ability to galvanize festival and concert audiences remains undiminished, ensuring an electrifying experience that gets the crowd on its feet and singing along.
Pressed on a single 180-gram black vinyl!
Track Listing:

Side One

1. Call of the Wild

2. People Say

3. 1983

4. Log On Your Fire

5. Evening

6. Easy and Free


Side Two

1. Miracles

2. When Friday Comes Along

3. Dedicated Hound

4. This Has Got To End

5. Good To Be Here?