Natural Gas - Natural Gas [CD]

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This album features Joseph (“Joey”) Charles Molland, known for his work with Badfinger and Natural Gas. Molland co-wrote several successful songs with Badfinger before forming Natural Gas with Jerry Shirley. He later recorded albums under the Badfinger name and has toured extensively. Peter Wood, a British musician, co-wrote "Year of the Cat" and collaborated with artists like Roger Waters. Mark Clarke, former member of Colosseum and Uriah Heep, has worked with bands such as Rainbow and The Monkees. Jerry Shirley, drummer of Humble Pie, co-founded Fastway and continues to perform with Humble Pie Featuring Jerry Shirley.

Track Listing:

1. Little Darlin’
2. Once Again, A Love Song
3. You Can Do It
4. I’ve Been Waitin’
5. I Believe It’s Love
6. The Right Time
7. Christmas Song
8. Miracle Mile
9. Dark Cloud
10. St. Louis Blues
11. Christmas Song [Rehearsal]
12. Little Darlin’ [demo]
13. Christmas Song [demo]