R&B Legends Bundle - Marvin Gaye, Freddie King & Herbie Hancock

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Introducing the R&B Legends Bundle - a treasure trove for fans of rhythm and blues!

Immerse yourself in the soulful sounds of Marvin Gaye, Freddie King, and Herbie Hancock. From Gaye's smooth crooning to King's electrifying guitar licks and Hancock's masterful jazz fusion, this collection captures the essence of R&B across generations.

This bundle includes: 

1. Freddie King - Alive In America (3LP)

This album features a performance by Freddie King recorded Live in Denver on May 27th, 1974, at Ebbets Field.

2. Herbie Hancock -  Jammin With Herbie (2LP)

This album features Herbie Hancock's more contemporary beginning sounds. His groundbreaking career commenced with Donald Byrd's group, followed by a transformative period with the Miles Davis Quintet in 1963. Renowned for reshaping jazz rhythm sections, Hancock's post-bop contributions were pivotal.

3. Marvin Gaye - Alive In America (2LP)

This album features a culmination of hits, showcasing an impressive array of musical accomplishments. Recorded in 1983, months prior to his death, it serves as a poignant testament to the artist's talent and marks a significant chapter in their illustrious career. As it nears the end of the artist's musical journey, the collection becomes a retrospective exploration of their legacy, loaded with chart-topping tracks that encapsulate the essence of their artistic evolution.