Robin Trower Band - Alive In America 1973 [CD]

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Track Listing: 

1. The Fool And Me 

2. Twice Removed From Yesterday 

3. Lady Love 

4. Daydream 

5. Another Day, Another Night 

6. I Can't Wait Much Longer 

7. Man Of The World 

8. Sinner's Song 

9. Little Bit Of Sympathy 

10. I Can't Stand It 

11. Robin Trower Interview - Part 1

12. Robin Trower Interview - Part 2 

13. Robin Trower Interview - Part 3

Sound Quality Disclaimer:  

Please be aware that the sound quality of this vinyl recording may vary due to the nature of live performances. While efforts have been made to capture the essence of the original show, certain imperfections or variations may be present. These aspects contribute to the unique and authentic character of live recordings and are intentional to maintain the raw energy of the performance.