Shooting Star - Hang On For Your Life [CD]

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This album features "Hang On for Your Life," the second studio album by Shooting Star. Notably, the track "Flesh And Blood" stood out for its inclusion of a violin solo, a distinctive element within an up-tempo rock song. Enjoying significant support from American Album-Oriented Rock (AOR) radio stations, several tracks from the album, including "Hang On for Your Life," "Hollywood," "Breakout," and "Are You on My Side," received substantial airplay. However, it marked a significant transition for the band, as it was the last album to feature the original lineup, with founding keyboardist Bill Guffey departing the band after its release.

Track Listing:

1. Flesh And Blood
2. Hang On For Your Life
3. Are You On My Side
4. Teaser
5. Hollywood
6. Breakout
7. You’re So Good
8. She’s Got Money
9. You’ve Got Love
10. Sweet Elatia