Skylark - Fairytales [CD]

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This album features Skylark, founded by Eddy Antonini in 1994, exploring various musical styles. Their debut, "The Horizon and the Storm," was released in 1995, followed by several yearly releases on the Italian label Underground Symphony. The 1997 album "Dragon's Secrets" received positive reviews, and in 1999, they began a two-album project, "The Divine Gates." Skylark found critical success in Japan, with albums released there and successful tours across Europe and Asia. They returned in 2004 with "Wings," featuring new vocalist Kiara Laetitia. "The Last Gate," part of the "Divine Gates" project, reached No. 3 on the HMV Japanese charts in 2007. Skylark embarked on extensive tours, including China and the United States, recording a live DVD in Phoenix, Arizona. As of 2010, they had completed five tours in Japan, but in 2011, Kiara Laetitia left Skylark.

Track Listing:

1. Music

2. First Night

3. Mr. Fuji [Special Japanese Bonus Track]

4. Rose in Her Hand

5. Lions Are the World

6. I'm the Evil

7. Moonlight Shadow

8. Little Red Riding Hood

9. Love

10. Who Is God? [Remastered]