Sweet - Ultimate Anthology [CD]

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This album features Sweet, the British glam rock band known for their chart-topping hits like "Block Buster!" and "The Ballroom Blitz" in the 1970s. Led by vocalist Brian Connolly, they achieved notable success with their energetic performances and evolved from bubblegum pop to a harder rock style. Despite lineup changes and Connolly's departure in 1979, Sweet continued to produce hits until disbanding in 1981.

Track Listing:

  1. Little Willy 
  2. Blockbuster 
  3. Wig-Wam Bam 
  4. Sweet F.A.
  5. The Ballroom Blitz 
  6. Fox On The Run 
  7. The Six-Teens 
  8. Teenage Rampage 
  9. Action 
  10. The Lies In Your Eyes 
  11. Fever Of Love 
  12. Lost Angels 
  13. Stairway To The Stars
  14. Love Is Like Oxygen 
  15. California Nights 
  16. Play All Night 
  17. Eye Games 
  18. Mother Earth 
  19. Sixties Man