We are Renaissance Records, US

A Phoenix, Arizona based record label specializing in the re-release of classic rock, country, and indie music. Renaissance boasts a roster of artists spanning a multi-generational musical evolution. Once driven entirely by CD sales, Renaissance Records has embraced the resurgence of demand for vinyl LPs and is an active player in the post-COVID “Vinyl Renaissance”. Often praised for its collection of rare and obscure releases from past-time favorites, new projects from familiar faces, and the occasional up-and-comers – Renaissance Records offers vinyl collectors something different and intriguing.

Our Story:

In 1993, former Aerospace Engineer, John W. Edwards had the idea to form a new recording label which would focus on the reissue of classic rock and classic country LPs on CD for the first time, thus Renaissance Records was born.

By early 1996, Renaissance Records had signed multiple licensing deals with EMI-Capitol, Sony Music, BMG/ RCA/ Arista and Universal Music Group. The company also formed licensing contracts with individual artists both in the United Stated and abroad, as well as licensing an entire library of live concert recordings which would become the basis of it’s Concert Classics series.

In 2020, Renaissance Records joined the vinyl renaissance and began releasing music onto vinyl. Renaissance Records continues to release music into 2021 from artists such as Crack The Sky, Electric Light Orchestra Part II, Girlschool, Lindisfarne, Spirit Machines, Starz, Syteria, Bob Welch & Friends, and more.