707 - The Second Album [CD]

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 This album features 707, an American rock band of the early 1980s, renowned for hits like "I Could Be Good For You" and "Mega Force." Their sophomore album, "The Second Album," made its mark on the charts, reaching No. 159 on the Billboard 200 in 1981, despite their single "Strings Around My Heart" failing to match the success of their first hit. Recording sessions for their third album, "The Bridge," commenced, featuring keyboardist/guitarist Tod Howarth. Although musically inventive and reflecting Howarth's influence, contractual disputes led to the album remaining unreleased for 18 years. In 1981, 707 showcased their talents with a performance of "Tonite's Your Night" on The Midnight Special.

Track Listing:

  1. Tonite's Your Nite
  2. Millionaire
  3. Live With The Girl
  4. Strings Around My Heart
  5. Pressure Rise
  6. Rockin' Is Easy
  7. City Life
  8. Live Without Her
  9. Love On The Run
  10. The Party's Over