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Agenor Garcia - Essential [CD]

Agenor Garcia - Essential [CD]

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Agenor Garcia is a "Sound Poet." 

He usually prefers the absence of formal structure to evoke aesthetics to his music, in addition to or in place of the prosaic ostensible meaning. Agenor is fascinated by exploring new timbres and textures, which serves to stimulate the expressiveness of his performance but dislikes the concept of "improvisation" as well as the term "playing by ear." 

"Everyone plays by ear unless they are deaf."

Although he says that it is impossible not to be influenced, Garcia tries to be a stylistic individual, only concerned with technics that lead to a better texture. Garcia uses a rhythmic pattern as the main subject, while melody and harmony surround it as an embellishment. He uses parallel chords, which are essential not harmonies, but "chord melodies", also the whole tones harmonies, which may be inspired by the music of Alban Berg. 

It is perceptible the frequent lengthy pedal points in any voice, distracting from the occasional absence of tonality, or the use of "silence" as an aesthetic language where it serves to accomplish emotions rather than anything else. "Silence also expresses emotions and can be a way to relay a message." This method is noticeable in the duos, where the piano and the guest instrument continually exchange roles, providing an ornamental tapestry. 

Most of Garcia's methods are, above all, to create an atmosphere where you can almost "see the mood." He says that music is most effective when you feel something visual, almost tactile. His music is not the result of rational thinking but an expression of ineffable feelings. 


1. Colours

2. Aurora

3. Lilt

4. Palette of Shades

5. Limerence

6. Sparkles

7. Sophy

8. She's Coming Back

9. Se Nao Fosse Voce

10. Wave

11. Mil Dias

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