Agenor Garcia - Essential [CD]

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This album features Agenor Garcia, a "Sound Poet" known for his unconventional approach to music. Garcia eschews formal structures, instead prioritizing aesthetics over prosaic meaning. He explores new timbres and textures to enhance expressiveness, rejecting the notions of "improvisation" and "playing by ear," asserting that everyone plays by ear unless deaf. Influenced by various styles, Garcia focuses on techniques that enrich texture, using rhythmic patterns as the main subject with melody and harmony as embellishments. Employing parallel chords and whole tone harmonies reminiscent of Alban Berg's music, Garcia incorporates lengthy pedal points and "silence" as aesthetic tools to convey emotions rather than adhering strictly to tonality. In duos, Garcia and guest instruments exchange roles, creating an ornamental tapestry. His aim is to evoke visual and tactile sensations, believing music is most effective when it triggers ineffable feelings rather than being a product of rational thought.


 Track Listing:

1. Colours

2. Aurora

3. Lilt

4. Palette of Shades

5. Limerence

6. Sparkles

7. Sophy

8. She's Coming Back

9. Se Nao Fosse Voce

10. Wave

11. Mil Dias