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Blue Oyster Cult - Alive In America (2022 Edition) [CD]

Blue Oyster Cult - Alive In America (2022 Edition) [CD]

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With the release of 1981’s Fire of Unknown Origin, it appeared as though Blue Öyster Cult was entering a new commercial and stylistic phase, as the album spawned a popular radio hit, “Burnin’ for You.” However, this would prove not to be the case, as the ensuing tour would be the last time -- save for a short-lived reunion a few years later -- that the classic Bloom-Dharma-Lanier-Al Bouchard-Joe Bouchard BÖC lineup would tour together. This set of recording from those concerts shows that the group was still quite a live force circa their 1981 tour, especially at a hometown stop in New York. Expectedly, quite a few then-recent numbers turn up in their set -- the aforementioned “Burnin’ for You,” as well as “Joan Crawford,” and the title track. But still, several classics find their way into the set, including “Godzilla,” “Hot Rails to Hell,” their U.S. breakthrough, “Don’t Fear the Reaper,” and even a pair of covers (Steppenwolf’s “Born to Be Wild” and the Doors’ “Roadhouse Blues”). This set of live recordings is from September 18, 1981 from Madison Square Garden in New York.

Track Listing:

1. Dr. Music (3:43)
2. Burnin’ For You (4:20)
3. Fire Of Unknown Origin (4:03)
4. Joan Crawford (5:04)
5. Veteran Of The Psychic Wars (4:39)
6. Hot Rails To Hell (4:54)
7. ME 262 (3:13)
8. Don’t Fear The Reaper (6:53)
9. Godzilla (10:26)
10. Born To Be Wild (6:17)
11. 5 Guitars (5:17)
12. Roadhouse Blues (6:24)

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