Charlie - Fantasy Girls [CD]

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This album features Charlie, briefly known as "Charlie Cuckoo," before finding success with hits like "Johnny Hold Back" and "She Loves to Be In Love" in 1978, which reached the Top 60 in the United States. Despite lineup changes and label disputes, the band continued to produce music. In 1983, their hit single "It's Inevitable" gained attention with a memorable pie fight in its MTV music video. However, the album failed to replicate this success, leading to the band's dissolution. In 1986, a reformed lineup released "In Pursuit of Romance," with Terry Thomas leading the project after facing challenges with the departure of key members.

Track Listing:

  1. Fantasy Girls
  2. Miss Deluxe
  3. TV Dreams
  4. Prisoners
  5. First Class Traveller
  6. Greatcoat Guru
  7. Please Let Me Know
  8. Don’t Let Me Down
  9. It’s Your Life
  10. Summer Romance