Eddie & The Hot Rods - Better Late Than Never [CD]

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This album features Eddie and the Hot Rods, a pub rock band from Essex, formed in 1975. Their 1977 UK top ten hit "Do Anything You Wanna Do", released under the shortened name Rods, remains their most well-known track. After disbanding in 1985, they reunited in 1996. Barrie Masters, the vocalist, was the sole consistent member until his passing in 2019. Presently, the band continues to tour, with their former bassist, Ian 'Dipster' Dean, now taking the frontman position.

Track Listing:

1. Bad Time Again

2. Need Your Touch

3. Ain’t No 9 To 5

4. Better Without You

5. Deep Blue Intercepter

6. I’m Gonna Be Your Man

7. Sympathy

8. Not Enough

9. Bad Man

10. Shut Up

11. Once Bitten Twice Shy

12. High Society