Electric Light Orchestra Part II & The Orchestra - Anthology [2CD]

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This album features Electric Light Orchestra Part II, formed by ELO's Bev Bevan, including former ELO members Kelly Groucutt and Mik Kaminski. They released self-titled and "Moment of Truth" albums, echoing ELO's classic sound. In 2000, they split due to Bevan selling ELO rights to Jeff Lynne, continuing as The Orchestra. Compilation by Eric Troyer, Executive Producer: John Regna.

Track Listing: 

Disc One

  1. Hello Hello (Troyer)
  2. Honest Men (Troyer)
  3. For the Love of a Woman (Troyer)
  4. Turn To Stone (Live) (J. Lynne)
  5. Thousand Eyes (Live) (Troyer)
  6. Roll Over Beethoven (Live) (Clark)
  7. Moment of Truth (Overture) (Clark)
  8. Breakin' Down The Walls (Bates)
  9. Power of a Million Lights (Troyer)
  10. Interlude 3 (Clark)
  11. One More Tomorrow (Bevan/Kaminski/Bates)
  12. Voices (Kaminski)
  13. The Fox (Groucutt)
  14. Love or Money (Troyer/Bates)
  15. Blue Violin (Kaminski/Groucutt)
  16. So Glad You Said Goodbye (Bevan/Troyer/Bates)
  17. Confusion (J. Lynne)
  18. Do Ya (J. Lynne)
  19. Don't Bring Me Down (J. Lynne)

Disc Two

  1. Jewel and Johnny (Huxley)
  2. Say Goodbye (Troyer)
  3. No Rewind (Troyer)
  4. Let Me Dream (Troyer/Kaminski)
  5. Before We Go (Groucutt/Troyer/Huxley)
  6. Medley 1: Confusion (J. Lynne)/Twilight (J. Lynne)/Last Train To London (J. Lynne)/Twist And Shout (Medley/Russell)
  7. Medley 2: Turn to Stone (J. Lynne)/Evil Woman (J. Lynne)/Last Train To London (J. Lynne)
  8. If Only (Live) (Troyer)
  9. Livin' Thing (Live) (J. Lynne)
  10. Evil Woman (J. Lynne)
  11. Standin' In The Rain (Live) (J. Lynne)
  12. Mr. Blue Sky (Live) (J. Lynne)
  13. Twist and Shout (Live) (Medley/Russell)
  14. Last Train to London (J. Lynne)
  15. Ticket to the Moon (J. Lynne)
  16. *In Honor of Kelly Groucutt, Old #16
  17. Midnight Blue (J. Lynne)