Kit Hain - Looking For You/Spirits Walking Out [CD]

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This album features Marshall Hain, a British pop-rock duo known for their 1978 hit "Dancing In The City," which reached #3 on the UK Singles Chart. Consisting of keyboardist Julian Marshall and vocalist/bassist Kit Hain, the duo's success extended to Europe and Australia, where the song topped charts. Their follow-up single, "Coming Home," reached #39 in the UK. After releasing their album "Free Ride" in 1979, the duo disbanded. Kit Hain continued her recording career with two solo albums in the UK: "Spirits Walking Out" (released as "Looking For You" in the US) in 1981 and "School For Spies" in 1983. She later moved to the US, focusing on songwriting and collaborating with artists like Aimee Mann, Heart, and Cyndi Lauper. Her compositions have been featured in various TV shows and recorded by renowned artists, including Peter Cetera, Chaka Khan, and Cher.


Track Listing:

  1. Looking For You
  2. Parting Would Be Painless
  3. Danny
  4. Uninvited Guests
  5. Inner Ring
  6. Survivors
  7. I'm The One Who's With You
  8. Awaking Again
  9. Aaron
  10. Spirits Walking Out
  11. Force Grown
  12. You Are The One