Lake - Lake II [CD]

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This album features Lake, a German rock band that emerged in the early 1970s as Tornados before changing their name. With lead singer James Hopkins-Harrison joining in 1975, they found their signature sound. Lake achieved modest success in Europe, notably in Germany where they were named artist of the year in 1977. Their self-titled debut album reached #22 in the US in the same year. Despite touring with acts like Lynyrd Skynyrd and Neil Young, Lake's popularity waned, leading to a discontinued contract with CBS. They later released the double live album "Live - On the Run" featuring previously unavailable material. Despite ongoing struggles, Lake released albums like "No Time for Heroes" (1984) and "Voices" (1985), with "So What" (1986) being their last. The band disbanded around 1986-87. In the early 2000s, Lake was revived by Alex Conti, marking their return with "The Blast of Silence" in March 2005.

Track Listing:

  1. Welcome To The West
  2. See The Glow
  3. Letters Of Love
  4. Red Lake
  5. Love's A Jailer
  6. Lost By The Wayside
  7. Highway 216
  8. Angel In Disguise
  9. Scoobie Doobies