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Little Feat - Alive In America '73 colored vinyl 3-LP set [180 gram]

Little Feat - Alive In America '73 colored vinyl 3-LP set [180 gram]

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The eponymous first album delivered to Warner Bros. was recorded mostly in August and September 1970, and was released in January 1971. In 1972 Little Feat reformed, with bassist Kenny Gradney replacing Estrada. The band also added a second guitarist in Paul Barrere and percussionist Sam Clayton (brother of session singer Merry Clayton and the brother-in-law of the jazz saxophonist Curtis Amy) and as a result the band was expanded from a quartet to a sextet.

This new lineup radically altered the bands sound, leaning toward New Orleans funk. The group went on to record Dixie Chicken (1973)one of the bands most popular albums, which incorporated New Orleans musical influences and stylesas well as Feats Dont Fail Me Now (1974), which was a studio-recorded attempt to capture some of the energy of their live shows. This recording was made in between the Dixie Chicken and Feats Dont Fail Me Now albums. Recorded live in Denver on July 20, 1973 at Ebbets Field.

Track Listing

Side A

1. Apolitcal Blues (5:19) [Lowell George]
2. Two Trains (3:32) [Lowell George]
3. Got No Shadow Pt. 1 (6:12) [Bill Payne]
4. The Fan (6:05) [Bill Payne, Lowell George]

Side B

5. Texas Rose Cafe (4:38) [Lowell George]
6. Snakes On Everything (6:56) [Bill Payne]
7. Cat Fever (6:21) [Bill Payne]
8. Fat Man In The Bathtub (5:54) [Lowell George]

Side C
9. Walkin’ All Night (4:04) [Bill Payne, Paul Barrere]
10. Sailin’ Shoes (4:36) [Lowell George]
11. Dixie Chicken (9:58) [Lowell George, Martin “Fred Martin” Kibbee]

Side D
12. Hamburger Midnight (6:11) [Lowell George, Roy Estrada]
13. Got No Shadow Pt. 2 (7:02) [Bill Payne]
14. On Your Way Down (8:19) [Allen Toussaint]

Side E
15. Willin’ (4:06) [Lowell George]
16. Cold, Cold, Cold (13:10) [Lowell George]

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