Middle Of The Road - You Pays Yer Money And You Takes Yer Chance [CD]

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This album features Middle of the Road, a band that achieved international success across Europe and Latin America in the early 1970s. Known for their distinctive harmonies and vocals, the band's hits like "Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep", "Sacramento", "Tweedle Dee, Tweedle Dum", and "Soley Soley" each sold over one million copies, earning them gold discs. With millions of records sold by the mid-90s, Middle of the Road was a significant presence in the early Euro Pop scene. Despite lineup changes, they continued performing live, including at 25 festivals in central Europe in 2016, and were honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Scottish Music Awards. As of 2017, Middle of the Road remains active, delighting loyal Euro Pop fans across Europe.

Track Listing:

1. You Pays Yer Money And You Takes Yer Chance - Intro

2. Tell Me

3. My Story

4. Hang In There

5. Read Between The Lines

6. Country Bus

7. Give It A Try

8. Rockin’ Soul

9. Gone’s The Time

10. Shotgun Mama

11. Gentle Moments

12. Hooch Wagon

13. You Pays Yer Money And You Takes Your Chance