Ohio Players - Observations In Time [CD]

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This album features the Ohio Players, an American funk band prominent in the 1970s. Their debut album, "Observations in Time," was recorded in 1969 and released on the Capitol label. While it initially achieved regional success around their hometown of Dayton, Ohio, the album gained broader recognition over time. Notably, David Bowie included the track "Here Today and Gone Tomorrow" in his 1974 live sets during the Year of the Diamond Dogs tour, leading to its inclusion on the "David Live" album.

Track Listing:

1. Here Today And Gone Tomorrow
2. Mother-In-Law
3. Stop Lying To Yourself
4. Over The Rainbow
5. Find Someone To Love
6. Cold Cold World
7. Summertime
8. Bad Bargain
9. The Man That I Am
10. Lonely Street
11. Street Party
12. You To Me Are Everything