Phoenix - Phoenix/In Full View [CD]

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This album features Phoenix, formed by John Verity, Bob Henrit, and Jim Rodford from the remnants of the 1970s supergroup Argent in 1976. Phoenix recorded three albums before evolving into the band Charlie, releasing one album on RCA Records. Subsequently, Bob Henrit joined Jim Rodford in The Kinks, while John Verity pursued record production and began work on his solo album "Interrupted Journey," featuring Henrit on drums.

Track Listing:

1. Easy

2. Drowning In Tears

3. From The Ashes

4. Winnebago

5. Try A Little Rock ‘N’ Roll

6. A Woman Like You

7. Mississippi Neckbone

8. I’ll Be Back For More

9. Honey

10. I’ll Be Gone 

11. Just Another Day

12. Fooling Myself

13. Into Your Blood

14. Don’t Fool Me

15. I Don’t Mind

16. Strong Love

17. I'm In Love

18. Angel