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Rage - Nice 'N' Dirty [CD]

Rage - Nice 'N' Dirty [CD]

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After forming in Liverpool, England, and slogging around the country playing every bar, barn and toilet as Nutz from 1973-1979, band members David Lloyd (vocals and rhythm guitar), Mick Devonport (lead guitar and vocals), Keith Mulholland (bass guitar and vocals), John Mylett (drums), and Kenny Newton (keyboards), who had been brought into to fatten out the sound for the album Hard Nutz in 1976 and stayed on as a full member, had had enough.
The band split up in 1978. Mick Devonport went off to America to try his luck there whilst Kenny Newton went off to join Nightwing. The rest of the band took up gigs in Liverpool awaiting another opportunity.
Things did not quite work out the way that Mick Devonport had thought they would in America with more broken promises. Missing Liverpool and his old mates, he returned. Upon his arrival, he was surprised to find he had a track on an album that was at number twelve in the British Album Charts. As the saying goes, “Let’s get the Band back together again” springs to mind.
Keith Mulholland, David Lloyd, and John Mylett were all keen to give it another go, although at the time, Kenny Newton preferred to stay where he was in Nightwing. The French record company Carrere were ready to buy them out of what was left of their recording contract with A&M Records as well.
The debut by Rage, Out Of Control, was easy for the band to record as they had been playing some of these songs in their old band, and Mick Devonport had an absolute stock pile of new rockers to add to the collection. They also decided to do the old C. P. M. Couchois song, Roll The Dice, to release as a single.
After a world tour of stadiums, Rage were forced back into the studio to record another album due to over whelming demand from their public. They did not disappoint with the Rocking Nice ‘n’ Dirty, causing a little bit of controversy with its album cover, but if anything this only increased album sales. One of the standout tracks was the David Lloyd written, Wild Cat Woman. Another world tour followed by another album, Run for the Night in 1983 before calling it a day.



  • 0. Intro
  • 1. American Radio Stations
    2. Wasted Years
    3. Woman
    4. Heartbreaker
    5. Silver And Gold
    6. Long Way From Home
    7. Only Child
    8. Blame It On The Night
    9. Wild Cat Woman
    10. Ready To Go
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