Romeo's Daughter - Rapture [LP] Black

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This album features 'Rapture,' the highly anticipated third release by Romeo's Daughter, launched in 2012. A testament to the band's style and energy, the album is filled with expertly crafted songs. Bridging a nearly two-decade gap between 'Rapture' and 'Delectable,' this release firmly places Romeo's Daughter in the 21st century. Guitarist Craig Joiner takes the lead in writing, with co-production alongside Ed Poole, the band's bass player. 'Rapture' has garnered critical acclaim, with its lead single 'Bittersweet' securing a spot-on Classic Rock Magazine's 'Top Songs of 2012' chart.

Pressed on a single 180-gram black vinyl!

 Track Listing:

Side One

1.Trippin' Out (4:23)
2.Bittersweet (4:23)
3.Cannot Be The One (4:03)
4.Keep Walking (2:48)
5.Lightning (3:24)
6.Fly Away (2:56)

Side Two

1.Alive (4:23)
2.Make My Dreams Come True (4:22)
3.Precious Thing (3:30)
4.Talking Love (4:13)
5.He's Mine (2:31)
6.Will Be (3:08)