Shania Twain - The First Time...For The Last Time [CD]

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This album features a Canadian deluxe edition of Shania Twain's first studio album before she was signed to Mercury Records in Nashville. Highlighting tracks like "Lost My Heart," "Hate To Love," "Don't Gimme That (Once Over)," and "Two Hearts, One Love," the package includes both the remastered and remixed version, along with the original recordings. 

Track Listing: 

1. All Fired Up, No Place to Go

2. Wild And Wicked

3. The Heart Is Blind

4. For The Love Of Him 
5. Bite My Lip 

6. Two Hearts One Love 
7. Luv Eyes 
8. Send It With Love 
9. It’s Alright 
10. Hate To Love 

11. Lost My Heart 
12. Don’t Gimme That (Once Over) 
13. Rhythm Made Me Do It 
14. Half Breed 
15. Love 

6. I Ain’t Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore 
17. It’s Alright (club mix) 
18. For The Love Of Him (dance mix)