Shooting Star - Silent Scream [CD]

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This album features "Silent Scream," the fifth album by the group Shooting Star. Released in [year], it marks the last appearance of founding members Gary West and Charles Waltz, who did not return to the band after its revival in 1989. Additionally, it is the final album to feature drummer Steve Thomas until the release of Circles in 2006. Notably, "Silent Scream" is the only Shooting Star album to date that does not include bassist Ron Verlin, and it introduces Norm Dahlor on bass.

Track Listing:

1. Summer Sun
2. Somewhere In Your Heart
3. Heat Of The Night
4. When You’re Young
5. In Her Eyes
6. I’m Getting Out
7. Don’t Walk Away
8. Time
9. Little By Little
10. Don’t Stop Me Now
11. Get Ready Boy
12. Take It